LETZMOVE Property Ltd is an independent agency providing letting and management services in the rented residential accommodation market throughout the South London.

  • We believe that property owners – our clients – need the reassurance provided by a professional service with substantial backing, but also wish for a personal approach which is usually not provided by larger organisations.
  • Over many years our individual reputations have been built on providing the highest levels of service and attention to detail.
  • We at LETZMOVE PROPERTY Ltd aim to provide an individual, reliable and integral service to our clients and also to build on these foundations in order to bring continued growth through personal recommendations.

  • We aim to provide a personal service to meet the individual needs of landlords and tenants alike. Benefits include:
    • Free rental valuation, without obligation
    • Choice of three service levels (Let Only, Rent Collection and Full Management)
    • In-house maintenance team
    • Dominant local advertising
    • Accompanied viewings
    • We have a constant stream of awaiting prospective tenants registered with us and we keep them updated via telephone, email, text messages or direct mail

    Our guide to lettings booklet is intended to give prospective clients information about the legal and practical aspects of letting property, as well as about the service offered by LETZMOVE PROPERTY Ltd.

    Lettings - terms & conditions

    Our letting and management service

    LETZMOVE Property Ltd is an independent agency providing letting and management services in the rented residential accommodation market. We believe that property owners – our clients – need an assurance provided by a professional service with substantial backing and also wish for a personal approach which is our sole aim to meet up to their level of expectations. We acknowledge that most of our clients are entrusting us with the care of their most valuable asset and we happily and confidently accept that responsibility.

    We offer three different levels of services by which we can assist you to rent your property. Whether you choose Lettings only, Lettings and rent collection or Lettings and management services, there are something that remain in common include : -

  • Rental valuation - One of our Lettings Negotiators will visit your property to assess the rental value of the property. Please feel free to discuss any queries you have and we will advise you on all aspects of letting your property.
  • Property Marketing - The internet is increasingly the tool of choice of prospective tenants looking for rental property these days. We have a constant stream of prospective tenants registering with us. We will be advertising your property on our own website ; the search portals and our window display as well as local newspapers and various other media.
  • Tenant selection and referencing - We have a constant stream of prospective tenants registered with us and we keep them updated via telephone, email, text messages or direct mail. We formally interview the prospective tenants and gather maximum information about their requirements before arranging an accompanied viewing of your property. When a suitable tenant has been found and the monthly rental figure has been agreed, all the prospective tenants will be vetted on the basis of their employment, residency and also credit reference.
  • Tenancy agreement - We can provide the tenancy agreement that both the parties have to sign before the tenants move in. We collect the first month’s rent and security deposit before the release of the keys. We will forward the balance to you after deducting our fee.

    • Levels of Services

      The three different levels of services are:

      LETTING ONLY SERVICE includes:

    • Inspection and rental valuation of the property.
    • Advise on maintenance, health and safety and furnishing issues.
    • Marketing of the property including website listing, newspaper advertising,window display and also our letting list.
    • To-let board erected (upon your approval).
    • Accompanied viewings of the property.
    • Vetting of tenants by obtaining references (current employment, residency and credit history report).
    • Preparation and implementation of tenancy agreement.
    • If required, full property inventory prepared by independent inventory clerk.
    • If required, arrangement of professional check in and check out by independent inventory clerk.
    • Collection of initial rent and security deposit prior to release of keys.
    • Completion, subject to issue of tenancy agreement and setting up of standing order mandate for future rent payments.
    • Payment of initial move in monies by bank transfer or cheque.
    • The landlord or the property owner will then look after the property during the tenancy agreement.

    • RENT COLLECTION SERVICE as above, plus:

    • Monthly collection of rent.
    • Monthly statements sent to the landlord and payments via bank transfer or cheque.
    • Serving of Section 21 (notice to end tenancy).
    • Under this service, the landlord is responsible for all matters  pertaining to the property other than those related to the collection of rent.

    • FULL MANAGEMENT a service covering all the above, plus:

    • Preparation of a complete detailed inventory of property contents and condition.
    • Transfer of account liabilities for water, gas, electricity and council tax.
    • Regular inspection visits to the property during tenancy.
    • Arranging for repairs and maintenance work during tenancy.
    • General maintenance of a less urgent nature will be discussed prior to commencement of work.
    • Problem handling including emergency services for tenants.
    • End of tenancy procedures including check out reports and collection of keys at the end of tenancy.
    • To automatically re-let the property upon receiving notice from the tenants (unless otherwise instructed).
    • We have our maintenance team to tackle most of the repairs economically and efficiently but can also work with specified contractors if required. If the landlord wishes to get the work done himself, we can pass on their details if instructed.

      Important information for landlords

      Some common things to keep in mind……
  • Mortgages: If your property is mortgaged, you will require to inform your mortgage lender, about your intention to rent the property.
  • Insurance: It is responsibility of the owner to insure the structure of the building and the contents therein. All the insurers must be notified that the property is let. Tenants will be advised to arrange adequate insurance cover for their own personal possessions.
  • Furniture and décor: The furniture should be of good standard and décor should be as plain and light as possible. The property should be clean prior to the commencement of tenancy. Ironically many landlords lose prospective tenants because the property is not kept clean between lets or the property lacks neutral décor or their refusal to provide essential items (sofas, beds, washing machine… etc) that tenants request for. In brief your property should be well presented and will attract good tenants and they will be happy to stay longer and renew their contracts at the end tenancy rather than looking to move somewhere better and cheaper. Please ask one of our negotiators for guidelines for providing minimum furnishing requirement.

  • Pricing: We will advise you on a monthly rental figure we can achieve for the property, but it is the landlord’s final decision as to what rent they want for their property. Most landlords lose hundreds of pounds in rent due to overpricing. Please remember lower the price, the faster the property will be let and the landlords gain more rent annually.

  • Rules and Regulations

    When renting a property, it is the landlord’s legal responsibility to ensure the safety of the tenants. The following regulations should be kept in mind.

  • Furniture & Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988:
         Upholstered furniture, cushions, mattresses and bed bases supplied in rented accommodation must comply with this legislation and must have special labels attached identifying the fabric as being fire-retardant. All furnishings purchased new since March1990 comply with the Act. Letting a property with furnishings which do not comply with the regulations is a serious offence which can result in the prosecution of the property owner and the managing agent.
  • Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1994:
          Under this legislation gas appliance – boilers, water heaters and gas fires in a rented accommodation have to be checked for safety at least every 12 months by a CORGI registered gas installer. A safety certificate is held for inspection by the regulatory body and a copy given to the tenant. We retain a copy of the gas certificate for the properties managed by us and also make sure that a gas safety check has been carried out by the landlords of the properties let by us. We can arrange for a CORGI registered Engineer to carry out a gas safety check upon your request.
  • Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations 1989:
         This legislation imposes an obligation on the landlord to ensure that the goods are safe and there is no risk of injury or danger to humans or risk of damage to the property. Testing is not yet compulsory but we do recommend that owners have the electrical installation at the property checked by a qualified electrician prior to the first let.
  • As an additional precaution we advise that all owners install smoke detectors in their properties.

    Further Services


    Buying a property to let has become an extremely popular investment option these days. Whether you are a first time landlord or looking to buy a property to let or an investor, we have a buy to let mortgage to suit you. Our lettings negotiators will be happy to provide you with a free impartial advice on market conditions and rental prospects of individual properties.

    For advice on purchasing investment properties and buy to let mortgages please call our office and discuss with an independent mortgage advisor or book an appointment on 020 8767 5800 or register through our website.


  • Please note all our charges are inclusive of VAT.
  • Letting only - Best deals offered.
  • Letting and Rent collection - Best deals offered.
  • Letting and Full Management - Best deals offered.